Italian neighbors

We don’t know a single word of Italian, and people in the village, in general, don’t know a single word of English. But we all try, our closest neighbors especially!

Our first night, in March, the neighbors’ made sure we had water and beer (it’s like they knew us already!). Then they helped with the trash when we had to leave before the right trash pickup day came around. This visit we’ve hardly seen them because we’ve been running in and out of the house and they’ve been working, traveling, etc. But suddenly one night there were fresh figs on our window sill! How nice is that 💖

I sent a message on Whatsapp (great because you can use Google Translate to communicate!) asking if it was one of them and thanking them. Turns out it was freshly picked figs from our neighbor’s brothers tree. And the next morning there was another box!
Fresh figs from our neighbor

We couldn’t finish them all, so we got to take some home to Sweden. That was such a bonus!

Fresh figs, brie cheese and walnuts
Baked with brie and walnuts
Charkuterie, olive oil, figs and aperol sprits from Italy
Italian treats

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