Midsummer breakfast in the courtyard

Swedish Midsummer in Abruzzo

Midsummer last year we were in Abruzzo looking at properties. The midsummer before that we were in Rome for our honeymoon. And this midsummer we were in our new house!

Midsummer breakfast in the courtyard
Midsummer breakfast

As you can tell, we are not all that worried about Swedish traditions. But who says you can’t make new ones! So we figured, why not take the opportunity and have a  Swedish-Italian Midsummer Aperitivo!

Of course, we don’t know that many people in Italy yet, and several of those we do know couldn’t make it over, due to the crazy (yet accurate) midsummer weather.

Rainy skies…
Rainy skies
is actually not that uncommon on midsummer. Feels like home!









At least we managed to gather a few people and introduce them to both Snaps and mustard herring. One guest also enjoyed the crisp bread so much I was happy I had brought an extra packet – to give to her to bring home.

Who knows, maybe next year we’ll be twice as many!

Snaps, Aperol and cold cuts in our kitchen
Midsummer Aperitivo smorgasbord
Watermelon, feta cheese and menthe leaves
Neither Swedish nor Italian, but tasty!
Swedish midsummer aperitivo food and drinks
A little bit of everything!


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