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My first post focused on the ooh’s and aaah’s that I felt visiting the house for the first time. This one will cover other things from of our first visit.

And same procedure as last time: It is a fairly dark house, and these pictures were all taken on our first visit, so you’ll have to excuse the quality!


For one, you can see the village clock tower from the bathroom. That definitely played into my romantic Italian dream! Maybe I wasn’t 100% prepared for the bells ringing every 15 minutes between 8 AM and 8 PM – but I still count it as increasing the authentic experience. 😆

Ding-dong goes the clock. A perfect image of my romantic Italian idea

Another thing is the irresistibly rustic floors that are present in most of the house. I just can’t resist them. They are super practical just as long as you don’t want to clean them… but they sure are amazing to look at!

Outdoor flooring indoor seems like such a great idea! Until you want to clean…

Also, when the storage space turns out to be completely habitable, it is a pleasant surprise! (Spoiler: the beams in the ceiling make for a too weak floor on the level above, which means we’ll need to get reinforcements at some point.)

A storage space, or just a perfect spot for whatever your heart desires – I’m thinking craft corner or meeting room

The sun-drenched courtyard mentioned in the last post also housed a big(!) stone table. It is impressive and massive and fixed to the ground. And also, each seat requires a chair of different height as the ground slopes for water removal purposes. Honestly, I both adore it and wish it wasn’t there at the same time!

The sunny courtyard is actually only partly sunny (thank god!)

The beams in one of the bedrooms are one thing I wouldn’t want to be removed for anything! It’s just so damn charming!

And the front door!! I was probably more excited about that one than I should have been by a front door! But it still excites me, and I hope I’ll never grow tired of it!


This house is not only extremely quirky, but it is also an old one, and as such, it is not without real problems. Far from it, it turns out.

The first issue I noticed was the water damage in the small bathroom downstairs. I asked and got the information that the owners would fix it during the summer, they were just damages from the past winter. (Spoiler alert: fixing meant painting over, and of course it looks about the same again)

Bathroom wall damaged by water leakage
Lots and lots of water damage. And there isn’t even a shower installed…

Another warning sign was discoloring in the ceiling in several places, here seen in the guest room. This particular one was said to may have been from an old chimney. (Spoiler: it’s increasing in size)

Discoloring showing up both expected and unexpected place

A nice surprise was a small guest apartment, with a fitted kitchen! (Spoiler: a gas stove top, but no gas was ever connected(!) and yes, of course, the seller said there was gas).

Another interesting solution is the creative wiring to the lamps… We were prepared this would be a minor fix, we saw a couple of loose sockets too. But, it turned out the whole house needed to have sockets, light fixtures and switches exchanged. Big whoopsie, but that’s the first thing we’re getting done. I still don’t know about the guest kitchen, there are just a few other issues that may take priority. 😜

Another fully functioning kitchen?! Nope, as it turns out, not even close.


But then, when the first village restaurant you set foot in offers this, it’s hard to feel like you’ve made the wrong choice on any level

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