Ecco! A living room

I’m so excited to share the (almost) finished result of our new living room!

The room with the terrace/balcony was the sellers’ bedroom. To us that made no sense! It is the brightest room in the house (despite one window being bricked in), and of course – it has access to the terrace with a view of the sea, the mountains and the village. Why wouldn’t you want to share that with your visitors?!

I wasn’t that interested in prioritizing the living room, just because the kitchen, outdoor spaces, and bedroom seemed more important. But Oscar wasn’t convinced – I think it has to do with the World Cup…

Since the seller left a bed, we could use our would-be living room as a bedroom for the first two visit. The bed was seriously uncomfortable, but hey, it beats the floor!

With the bed also came a massive wardrobe in dark wood. It wouldn’t be particularly practical in a living room, and it was way too big to move out through the door in one piece. Also, at one point Oscar left a wardrobe door open, and it fell off. That meant an evening of dismantling a big wooden piece from god-knows-when.

I wasn’t too happy about this change of plans, but what a difference it made once it was gone! It helped a lot with making the room as bright as we knew it could be, and to make it into a blank slate for the getting the living room we wanted.

I don’t miss our camping days, but I’m happy that this room enabled us to move in the same night we got the keys!

Before picture: a chaotic but useful bedroom
Camping out in one room of our massive house. Tape on the floor to estimate couch sizes, and a new Ikea table in the bricked up window

I think you can see the difference in light, just from getting rid of the dark wood!

Halfway there, bed gone but bedframe needs to be dismantled
A couple of Ikea runs later, and we are ready to remove the bedroom and set up the new living room

One small hiccup – our Ikea couch was missing legs and armrests! We bought it anyway because Ikea promised delivery of the parts two days later. It turned out it took almost a week, but the couch was good enough to nap on anyway!

The couch with the missing legs


Then, suddenly the room was done! I could hardly believe it, but we made sure to use it plenty!

Our new livingroom in beige, terracotta and white
Using existing nails to hang paintings seem like a good idea
Lunch in our new living room
Sweden game in the world cup. Sadly, the last one.

My favorite corner so far is the window-style mirror. I’ve dreamt of a mirror like this for ages, and finally, I have the perfect place to put it!

A mirror that looks like a window, in the evening sun
Don’t you just love the shadows the evening sun creates!


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