The view from my office: green hills and blue skies

Finally, an office (with a view)!

I’ve been a freelancer for four years, and I’ve never had an office. Well actually, I’ve never had an office in the whole 20+ years I’ve had a job! My “office” have been anything from retail locations and restaurants, to reception desks, and of course the all familiar “open office” – but never my own office.

And maybe that’s anoMe below my office in June 2017ther thing that drew me so to this house – the small room, with fantastic views that I instantly dubbed: My Office!

I could see the long days typing away at the novel I’ve always said I’d write (but never ever even wrote a synopsis for), my old dreams of reading and writing all day came back in full force! Even my childhood hobby of drawing awoke in that room. Is that what you call a creative environment? I don’t know, but I think for me it is!

After I had seen it the for the first time, I even sat down at the coffee shop that’s directly below my office window and imagined what it would be to walk down there and have a coffee while struggling with my novel characters! (I hear they take on a life of their own. Which in all honesty don’t seem to bad.)

Needless to say, I’ve thought about that office since last summer, and I was itching to get a desk in front of that window! After outdoor furniture, my office was definitely the top priority for me. Luckily, Oscar didn’t object!

I measured how big the desk could be because I didn’t want it overpowering the room, but at the same time, there was a big radiator I had to take into account.

But one trip to Ikea was all it took, and then I could put my dreamy office together!


Tape on my office floor to check desk size
Measuring the space for desk and bookshelf. I already brought books, because who can live without them?!
Building my Ikea desk
I found such a great desk at Ikea.






My office desk
My new office is (pretty much) done!


My office reading and relaxing area
Enough space to relax and work.
My desk and a view of the mountains and landscape
Focusing with this view might prove difficult…
My desk and a view of the ocean through the window
I can even sneak a peek of the ocean from a few places.





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