Love at first sight?

I honestly don’t know if it was love at first sight, but it definitely was something! The house took my breath away as soon as the door opened. And after that, it just kept delivering surprises throughout the whole viewing. 

Since the address is Piazza Libertà, once we bought the house we decided to name it Palazzo Libertà.

It is a fairly dark house, and these pictures were all taken on our first visit, so you’ll have to excuse the quality!


Walking into the house, we didn’t exactly know what to expect. We’d been looking at apartments as well as whole buildings, and as this was in the middle of a village, we assumed it would be a shared house. Shared house or not, the hallway and stairs were rustic and stunning.

The first thing to take my breath away: a hallway in bricks leading to a sun-drenched courtyard

Honestly, the very first thing I saw was a Birreria on the same square. I adore beer, and it felt like a sign that I should have one so close to my second home! But I try not to be superstitious, and it was very(!)  important to me, not to let something like that guide how I felt about the house.

Don’t you just adore the color of the bricks?! The whole town is made from those bricks, and they just look amazing in the sunlight!


Another breathtaking part of the house was the kitchen! The old lady who was selling had generally been very thorough in picking out the material. Not always practical, but ensuring that it looked stunning!

Look at those copper sinks! To me, they are just irresistible in combination with the stone surface


Walking to the bottom level of the house we found a wine cellar. This was not as much love-at-first-sight for me as it was for my husband. Around a constant 15 C degrees – even with 35 C degrees outside – and made up of a part of the winding tunnels leading to the village church, it’s easy to see the allure.

Wine cellar entrance
Wine cellar entrance


Vaulted brick ceiling, nooks and crannies
Vaulted brick ceiling, nooks, and crannies



In contrast to the wine cellar was the balcony/small terrace on the top floor. Sunny, bright, and with a view that cannot be described in words.

Maybe it’s no wonder we were swooned by Palazzo Libertà!

Sea view from the balcony
Sea view
Mountain view from the balcony
Mountain view

But wait, there’s more…